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accademia michelangelo david

 accademia michelangelo david

The accademia michelangelo david is the second most visited museum in Florence and one of the most important museums in the world for number of visitors and prestige, and often you have to do to enter the long queues. Today there is a way to book accademia michelangelo david simply sending an email. It was in 1784 the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo, who had to convert the premises of the ‘Hospital of San Matteo and Convent of San Niccolò di Cafaggio in the gallery, creating a place where students could study the nearby accademia michelangelo david the great masterpieces of past.

Today the museum is a lot of hits accademia michelangelo david especially for the presence of the beautiful statue of David by Michelangelo, without a doubt one of the most famous sculptures in the world. The accademia michelangelo david 5 also hosts other important sculptures by Michelangelo, who are the four Prisoners, initially placed in Buontalenti Grotto of the Boboli Gardens, and St. Matthew, and a collection of Gothic and Renaissance paintings from the Medici collections.

If you want to visit the stressful accademia michelangelo david without unnecessary files and you can book your tickets online. You know, just to know some important historical point regarding the accademia michelangelo david that Michelangelo’s David, which was initially placed in Piazza della Signoria, was moved to accademia michelangelo david in 1873, with the’ intent to preserve it. In its place, in the square, was placed instead of a copy, this tutt ‘hours.

Visit the accademia michelangelo david it is always an extraordinary experience. This is because, although the p ‘image of David may be familiar, to see the statue up close always arouses some astonishment. Commissioned by Opera del Duomo in 1501, the statue was conceived and subsequently placed in accademia michelangelo david to represent the virtues of the Florentine Republic and freedom from foreign domination and Papal. Recently, it has been considered the ‘ultimate symbol of intellectual and artistic ambitions of the Renaissance.

Entering the accademia michelangelo david feels a sense of wonder and amazement indescribable. In fact, just think that Michelangelo took three years to transform the large block of marble into the statue of David, 5 meters high. With the realization of this’ work, located in accademia michelangelo david together with Kindness exposed to the Vatican, Michelangelo became established as the leading sculptor of his day. The David was conceived and put in accademia michelangelo david like a sculpture outdoors, which explains some peculiar distortions evident in the statue, as large hands and head. Even her eyes were sculpted to be seen from below: from accademia michelangelo david you can see them realizing that they look in different directions.

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Accademia Michelangelo David:
available every 15 minutes
reservations must be made at least 1 business day in advance
reservations are limited to a maximum of 30 per group

* If you would like to admire the masterpieces of art at the Uffizi gallery and Accademia Michelangelo David, you can book the combo package “Uffizi and Accademia Galleries in a Day”, now at discounted price! This new promotion allows you to visit the two most important museums in Florence saving 40% of the online booking fee.

Save time while ordering! Remember that you can add all reservation services for the various cities before checking out, placing one single order for your entire Italy visit.

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IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: The time you select on the order form is your preferred time. The museum will automatically confirm the closest available time, which can be any time during opening hours on the selected date, if your preferred time is no longer available.

Accademia Gallery Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 8:15 to 18:50; closed on Monday.

Special openings that can be booked:
Monday, December 26th 2011
Monday, January 2nd 2012

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation of confirmed visit: if you cancel a confirmed visit, the cost of unused ticket(s) will be refunded minus the service fee.
No shows: cost of unused ticket(s) will be refunded minus the service fee, upon request.


Accademia Michelangelo David and Uffizi gallery.

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